CareMaps allows clinicians to automatically create person-centric care plans based on the latest clinical guidelines, all at point of care

Create care plans with ease with CareMaps

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Focus on your patient, not data entry

CareMaps streamlines clinical decision making and standardizes collaboration

Impactful data insights
Leverage captured data to create better iterations of guidelines and care plans through CareMaps
Streamline care plans
By offering an optimized user experience, clinicians can navigate quicker through their workflow and be more person-centric, resulting in better patient health outcomes.
Stay up to date
CareMaps automatically updates its guideline libraries so that clinicians are notified when any changes to standard practices are made.

Friendly Description

CareMaps is a clinician-facing app that enables clinicians to create care plans at a faster rate so clinicians can spend more time with the patient and deliver more accurate and effective care. CareMaps automates up-to-date evidence-based guidelines directly into the workflow. Due to its flexible nature in interoperability, CareMaps can be integrated in almost any EMR system around the world. CareMaps ensures that there is high quality, structured data, reaching the EMR so that it can be extracted for data analytics to measure quality, guideline effectiveness and automate billing.

Using a FHIR Interface, CareMaps is able to rapidly deploy new standards-based guideline documents to allow healthcare organizations to quickly and easily automate the formulation of easy-to-understand recommendations based on the latest care standards. In addition to CareMaps extensive library of clinical practice recommendations for a wide variety of conditions, clinicians can easily integrate their own custom guidelines and best practices. As such, CareMaps eliminates the need for multiple Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems and significantly reduces the complexity and cost of IT resources and infrastructure that are required to provide comprehensive CDS coverage across clinical specialties.

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