Guidelines creates recommendations which can be embedded at point of care

Publishing Guidelines with Sage

The fastest way to publish clinical practice guidelines

Create Guidelines with ease

Guidelines streamlines clinical practice guideline adoption and standardizes collaboration

Easy to use
Guidelines offers a UI that guides the user through the guideline authoring process
Create guidelines according to HL7 FHIR Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)
Guidelines offers standardized terminology support for LOINC, RXNORM, ICD10 and SNOMED
Build your guidelines
Guidelines allows users to build a library of recommendations that are easily distributed to your partners.

Guidelines is a HL7 FHIR Clinical Guidelines (CPGs) authoring and editing tool which enables guideline authors to handoff CPGs directly to clinicians in a no code application, no software development experience required. Guidelines is able to deliver CPGs that can be executed in an accurate and timely manner at point of care using apps like CareMaps .

Friendly Description

Friendly Description

Guidelines allows users to create recommendations, which we call “cards” for many different kinds of events. Cards can be created for when a specific medication should be provided, what information should be collected, or what tests should be ordered. Users can add standardized terminology to those cards such as LOINC, RXNORM, ICD10 and SNOMED to ensure that they can be understood across a variety of contexts. Additionally, Guidelines saves these recommendations in a library so that guideline authors can easily retrieve, share, and update CPGs accordingly with other authors and clinicians alike.