Topology Workflows

Create clinical and administrative automations for frontline staff, so you can focus on the clinical experience

Friendly Description

Effortlessly design personalized workflows through Topology Health’s user-friendly web platform, seamlessly integrating them with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, by setting up conditional triggers and responses for every individual workflow to provide personalized medicine.

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Time-saving Automation
Our platform streamlines processes, reducing the burden of administrative work, and enabling professionals to focus on delivering high-quality care
Enhanced Efficiency
Automate tasks like patient enrollments and insurance document submissions so you can eliminate delays, minimize errors, and improve workflow management
EMR/EHRs Integrations
Easy to configure integrations into Epic and Cerner, with more on the way. Our EMR integration toolkit makes it a breeze

Using the FHIR standard, Topology Workflows quickly automates your clinical and administrative tasks.

Check out some of the impacts

Friendly Description

Switch a patient from brand to generic
Improve patient experience by proactively switching your patients to funded drugs
Get the recommended orderset
Get a recommended orderset or referral and have it pre-populated with existing information
Make the most of AI tools
Start an AI app that detects a specific disease and automatically pass it all the information it needs to help you take care of patients
Match patients with relevant clinical trials
Identify those patients who would be a good fit for clinical trials based on your existing data
Automate insurance submissions
Easily push data to your billing software so you can get paid on time
Make quality reporting easy
Submit data for quality reporting to stay on top of practice trends