Making EMR integration painless for developers

We take the pain out of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integrations. Using SMARTerFHIR tools you can be up and running in an EMR sandbox in hours, not months. SMARTerFHIR can help you acquire new customers, enhance existing integrations, and stay on top of EMR updates.

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Friendly Description

Friendly Description

Automating workflows for clinicians and developers

Topology Health is a platform for creating customizable automated workflows. Automate a variety of tasks like emails and notifications, enrolling patients in programs, providing recommendations on medications, sharing information between apps, and data submission. Topology can integrate with several EMRs and offers a powerful developer toolkit that leverages the SMART on FHIR standard to connect to EMRs.

Automate repeated tasks

Effortlessly create personalized workflows with our intuitive web application. Our platform integrates seamlessly with the most common EMRs making dataflow and real-time synchronization simple and automatic. Topology Health automates many tasks including patient enrollments, insurance document submissions, and treatment recommendations, all while enhancing overall workflow management. Eliminate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters.

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Friendly Description

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