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We are transforming clinical guidelines into actionable person-centric care plans

Guidelines has been developed to allow public health organizations to quickly and easily digitize their guidelines. CareMaps is designed to integrate with existing clinical workflows and communicate bi-directionally with EMRs so clinicians can easily create care plans for their patients based on the best practice guidelines. These apps will bridge existing gaps in patient care and help reduce communication breakdowns.

Clinical workflows have become bulky, time consuming, and work intensive to use

Digital health applications have siloed data and have not translated clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) effectively across stakeholders. It can take up to 17 years for the latest guidelines to be widely adopted as common practice. Such slow adoption often leads to lower guideline compliance. Additionally, clinicians allocate 16 minutes of prep for a 10-minute patient visit, which leaves little time for guideline and patient data review.

Friendly Description

We’re building solutions which allow clinicians to focus on their patients

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