Our Mission
Improve care quality and patient outcomes by turning clinical guidelines into person-centric care plans.
Ensure that patients get the most out of their short visits with their clinicians.

At Topology Health, we are transforming clinical guidelines into actionable person-centric care plans. We enable guideline authors to get their best evidenced-recommendations in the hands of clinicians. Clinicians can use those guidelines to build person-centric care plans, customized to the needs of their patient.

Broader adoption of clinical guidelines leads to better health outcomes; at the same time, clinicians and patients are seeking to create simple patient-centric care plans. Our aim is to make the creation of care plans easier than ever, and evidence-based on clinical guidelines from authoritative organizations.

Guidelines offers authors a no-code, user-friendly web interface, which produces guidelines in a standardized computer-readable format. By offering this solution, we are able to reallocate efforts from coding guidelines to other activities, such as analytics. CareMaps offers a solution to implement these guidelines at point of care without replacing existing digital health investments. It does so, by interfacing with existing EMRs, applying the guidelines to form a care plan, and writing updated patient data and care plans back to them.

CareMaps will enable providers and care delivery network operators to capture value from the improved patient and population health outcomes that arise from stronger adherence to evidence-based care, at scale.