Welcome to the SMARTerFHIR user manual. We will be updating this page frequently with how to use our software. This page is a work in progress and new content will be added regularly.

What is SMARTerFHIR?

SMARTerFHIR is a software developer toolkit designed for interacting with EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) and implementing SMART on FHIR applications. It offers a robust set of classes and utilities that simplify the handling of FHIR resources, and launch contexts. You can find the library on Github.

Check out an example where we integrated SMART on FHIR into a test application Foo Medical.

You can learn more about SMART on FHIR on the Smart Health IT Website.

Contact us to learn more.

Web Launch

Learn about using SMART Launch in the EMR and Standalone

Getting Resources

Learn about using getting resources from the EMR

Posting Resources

Learn about using Posting Resources using SMARTerFHIR

Use Cases

Read about use cases for Topology’s integration tools