EHR Auth Gateway

EMR/EHR interoperability handled for you

Easily make a Server-to-Server connection with an EMR/EHR

We provide a common auth gateway for server-to-server connections for use cases like quality reporting, monitoring, and complex data pulls from EMRs/EHRs.

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Friendly Description

Managed Services
Free up capacity on your teams by letting us take care of interoperability for you.
Secure by Design
The Topology Platform is built from the ground up to comply with all security best practices.
Make the most of AI tools
Connect AI tools to EMR/EHRs safely and securely.
Easy Quality Reporting
Automatically pull data for quality reporting, metrics, and dashboards.

Friendly Description

We support Epic, Cerner, Athena and more

We can quickly add new EHRs upon request.

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Need help with solution engineering?

Our team can help you with mapping EHR data, building interoperability tools into your app, and training your team on how to use them.

Friendly Description

Friendly Description

Using the FHIR standard, Topology makes interoperability painless.

Our platform makes FHIR easy to use and frees up your dev team for more important tasks.

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