Take the pain out of EMR integrations

Get back to what's important

Get back to what's important

Your development team is all about creating tech that makes a difference in patients’ lives. But EMR integration is a big headache. Working on integrations is grueling work for the dev team. It limits your business growth, and it’s painful.

So why should your dev team spend all of their time doing integration work instead of creating real value for your business, customers, and patients?

Get rid of the pain now with Topology Health. Book a 15 minute meeting to get your prescription for EMR integration.

Boost Your App's Appeal
EMR Integration is the number one feature requested by clinics and hospitals when purchasing an app. Accelerate your growth with SMARTerFHIR, the all-in-one toolkit that seamlessly connects your app to EMRs
Enhance Data Capture and Growth
SMARTerFHIR comes with pre-built, implementations for major EMR systems like Oracle Cerner and Epic. SMARTerFHIR ensures unparalleled data capture, fostering a better experience for your customer
Stay On Top of EMR API Updates
As EMR APIs evolve over time, staying up-to-date can be a daunting task. With SMARTerFHIR, monitoring and implementing EMR API changes are done for you

Let us plug you in

We’ve invested thousands of hours into building our integration platform so you don’t have to. By directly plugging your health app easily and quickly into any EMR, we can get your product to market faster, and help you scale your business!

We’re the market’s best painkiller for EMR integration, taking care of those difficult integrations so that you can focus on the cool stuff. You’ve got the tech to make a difference. Let us plug you in.

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Friendly Description

Get back to what's important

Leverage the most up-to-date interoperability standards

We’re experts in SMART on FHIR so you don’t have to be

SMARTerFHIR is a toolbox that enables seamless integration and communication with different EMRs using the SMART on FHIR protocol. It simplifies FHIR Resource handling and assists in creating launch requests, managing authorization tokens, and transforming resources between various FHIR formats.

For even more details on SMARTerFHIR, check out our blog post