When will Guidelines and CareMaps be available?

Both products are still in active development, to learn more Partner With Us

How easy is it to implement Guidelines and CareMaps at my health facility?

Guidelines and CareMaps both follow modern health IT standards including HL7 FHIR. CareMaps has tested interfaces with several major EMR vendors.

Why should I use Guidelines and/or CareMaps at my health facility?

Guidelines allows authors capture their recommendations in a digital format so that clinicians can focus on creating the most accurate person-centric care plans. Guidelines library creates a single consistent source for all recommendations. CareMaps uses the recommendations from Guidelines to make a person-centric care plan, and produces high quality structured data that can be automatically sent from the clinician to the payor for reporting purposes.

How does CareMaps enable clinicians to stay up to date with clinical practice guidelines?

CareMaps connects to Guidelines and other guideline libraries to ensure clinicians can stay up to date with the current evidence-based guidelines. These recommednations will directly be integrated in the user interface so that clinicians can build person-centric care plans at point of care.

Can you share the care plan with patients?

CareMaps will enable clinicians to print their care plans out in a patient-centric format. When patients receive their care plan, the first page will be an executive summary that highlights what was done, and what is to be done in their course of care.

How secure are Guidelines and CareMaps?

Guidelines and CareMaps have been designed with security and privacy in mind from the very beginning. We follow all the latest security best practices, and our team has undergone regular security training to make sure they stay up to date.

How does CareMaps improve data quality?

CareMaps automates structured data capture, eliminating the need for “swivel chair interoperability” (manual data entry). All of our data is saved in our server as structured FHIR resources, so we can even share them with other FHIR capable servers!